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Website & Blog Creation (Domain, Hosting, Design)

In order to create a website or blog there are 3 things needed:

1. Domain
2. Hosting
3. Design

moreover you will also find the following info on this page:
4. Considerations for choosing a webhosting provider
5. Research Sources

1. Domain Name

a domain name costs around 12$ per year and can be bought from a so called domain name registrar (further info here: How to choose a domain name registrar)

2. Hosting

2.1 Paid Hosting

paid hosting exists in various forms… for example:

cloud hosting (Wiki)
(site can cost 0$, 5$, 20$, 100$ or more…since you pay only for the resources you are using… (however it is possible to set up a budget so that site goes down when certain limit is reached…)

virtual private servers (Wiki)
(from 10$…you share 1 host wit a few others and pay for guaranteed allocated resources. bit of the little brother of dedicated server)

shared hosting (Wiki)
(from 5$…you share 1 server with many other people. cheap but depending on traffic and how hosting company manages resources site can be slow and down quite often…thus overly cheap hosting might not be the best idea if uptime should be a critical factor)

dedicated server (Wiki)
(from 100$… you own 1 server and all its resources alone)

host suggestions
in case you are looking for a host you can find a few for your consideration listed below:
note that i have no personal experience with these hosting companies but according to my research they seem to have good reputation.
there aren’t any affiliate links on this page etc.
please always do your own research. (point 4. and 5. on this page might help you with that.)

Design – HTML Site Frameworks / Generators

you can create a html site with the help of one of these free frameworks / site generators:

Design – HTML Themes
alternatively you can also just download a html theme and customize it.
you can get such html themes for example from themeforest (14-20$) or pixelarity (19$). moreover the creator of pixelarity offers also free html themes on html5up.

Design –
in case you want to use wordpress consider to check out this list of blogging sofware & themes
however since wordpress can be quite resource hungry (due to usage of mysql database) and thus a bit overblown for a simple site for your game (which is usually static anyway and doesn’t require any dynamic functions etc.) you might consider to have a lean and fast html site without any stuff that slows it down.

HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, JavaScript, Python… Knowledge

Code Editors

2.2 Free Hosting

tumblr, blogger and github pages offer completely free hosting with
+ ability to link your own domain name for free
+ no ads
+ no bandwidth limits
+ free themes that you can modify
+ ability to customize html/css
+ no maintenance needed

– however they do have technical/design limitations…

free and paid themes from tumblr itself (0-50$) and themeforest (20-30$)

free themes from blogger itself (0$) and themeforest (20$)

github pages
site can be created with free templates already provided with github pages or you can create a site with a static site generator such as those mentioned above (“Design – HTML Site Frameworks / Generators”)

free cloud hosting
as already mentioned above under paid hosting (“host suggestions”) there are quite a few cloud hosting companies that offer free plans.
thus it is possible to host a free website when you use less than their offered free quotas.
note: to create a site you can also use a static site generator such as those mentioned above (“Design – HTML Site Frameworks / Generators”)
Semi free would be (technically you can have a site for free there…but important things (no ads, own domain name, html/css custimzation) do cost extra.
note: (hosted) is not the same as (selfhosted). consider to check out the comparison of and

3. Design

see above (2.1 and 2.2)

i have also created a List of Websites & Blogs from Game Developers

4. Considerations for choosing a webhosting provider:

1.) Uptime + Speed
Is site mostly online and fast or is site oftentimes down and slow?
Are the servers stable with relatively few outtakes?

to find out which host a site is using you can use the website whoishostingthis
you can also measure the load times of other sites with pingdom tools.

when you want to monitor your own site 24/7 consider to use a free monitoring service such as pingdom (which is free for one website)

2.) Support
In case help is needed, how competent and fast is their support?
Does the host have skilled knowledgeable professional techs that can actually answer your support tickets in a timely manner?

You can send support tickets and see how fast and how they respond.

3.) Features
Which features do they have that you need? (PHP, SSD, MySQL, Automatic Backups, etc.)

4.) Price
Is the price fair for what they are offering?
What is your budget and how much are you willing to spend? If you are serious you will choose the best that you can afford (which is still within your budget range) because you get what you are paying for. Therefore don’t go for price only and be cautious with discount hosting companies that promise much and keep little.

5.) Reputation
Does the hosting provider have good reputation?
Sidenote: Looking for a provider that has zero negative reviews is pretty much impossible. (unless it is a completely new provider that hasn’t proven itself yet.) Really good ones have a sea of good reviews and a few negative ones.

5. Research Sources

consider to use multiple sources for research (forums, reddit, twitter etc.)

The biggest forum about webhosting.
Do the positive reviews look genuine or do they sound scammy?
Are the negative reviews real or just illegitimate complaints by difficult customers or bad talk by competitors?

Game Development Forums
Consider to ask other fellow developers which hosting company they use and recommend.

the expert Q&A communities.

might also find some info on this Q&A site … since the login pupup is quite aggressive and annoying just add parameter ?share=1 behind url to see answers without registering.
(found that tip over at stackexchange)

(for example r/webhosting and r/gamedev…)

Search on twitter what others say about hosting companies but watch out for affiliate link spammers…

Forums from other industries
For example small businesses, designer, musicians, movie makers etc.