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Verminest is an old school shooter inspired by Galaga and 50′s Sci-Fi Movies.
Shoot enemies, dodge bullets and collect 4 different powerups. The game takes around ~40 minutes to finish and offers also an Anaglyph Mode in case you own 3D glasses.

Download (20 MB)
As usual this is another quality release from Locomalito!
Support this guy if you like his work.
Oh and be sure to check out the comprehensive “Trailer Making Of” as well. (Very detailed PDF with dozens of photos!)
  • Even though it’s obviously in 3d, why wouldn’t you mention that? Isn’t that one of the main selling points? That would be like making a book entirely in invisible ink that you need glasses to read and then talking about the story rather than the spectacles. (No pun intended.)


    March 5, 2012

  • In my opinion the 3D effect is not essential.
    The game can be played and enjoyed without it.
    (I don’t own 3D glasses)
    Anyway you are right that it would be good to mention it briefly in the description. So I did just that :)


    March 6, 2012

  • anaglyph 3d glasses are so hard to find when you need them :P but when you dont …


    October 25, 2012