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The Big List Of Self Publishing & Merchandise

Never before in the history of mankind have indie game developers had more control over their audience and content.

There are no barriers because you can self release, market and distribute your game on your own and ignore all of the middleman.
It isn’t neccessary anymore to find a publisher in order to sell your stuff.
However being on Steam etc. certainly helps tremendously simply because of their massive audience.

Anyway here are some interesting resources in case you want to sell your game (and some additional optional stuff) on your own.

1. Sell your game (with a Payment Processor)

2. Sell your game (with an Online Game Store)

3. Create a limited retail box version (with a CD Printing House)

4. Create a limited full color manual/book/magazine (with a Book Printing House)

5. Create 3D figures and other self made merchandise (with 3D Printing Houses)

6. Create some T-Shirts and other merchandise

7. Articles & Experiences About Self Publishing