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The Big List Of Piracy & DRM Articles

On this page you will find various interesting articles and discussions about Piracy, Copy Protection and DRM in which many people share their different opinions…
Here are some of the view points that you will find:

  • Ultra contra: “Piracy is generally and always bad”
  • Ultra pro: “Piracy is generally and always good”
  • Differentiated: “Well it depends on the situation”
  • Uninterested: “I don’t care”
  • Uncritical: “I have no own opinion and just follow popular opinions of others”

It’s not an easy topic and thus critical thinking is recommended to spot flawed logic and nonsensical arguments.

Also consider to check out this really interesting and informative video called History of DRM & Copy Protection in Computer Games to see “an overview of copy protection and DRM schemes used in computer gaming, covering the most notable and interesting methods from the late 70’s on up through today!”

Articles About Copy Protection, Piracy and DRM