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The Big List Of Logo Design Resources

If you want to have a logo you can either create one by yourself (if you are somewhat artisitic) or let a designer create one for you.


This option requires some design skills and time… but doesn’t cost you extra money. However depending on your level of expertise it could result in a logo that isn’t that satisfying. So if you should come to the realization that your logo sucks big time consider to find someone who helps you out.
Here are some useful tutorials, resources and logo inspirations sites to get you started.

Logo Tutorials & Resources

Logo Inspiration

2. Hire A Logo Designer

This option might cost 500$ – 2000$.

Logo Design Galleries

Tip: You can find logo designers by browsing through Logo Design Galleries.

Logo Of The Day


Logo Faves

Logo Pond

Design Contests?

There exist also so called design contest sites such as Crowdspring and 99designs.
(Many people create logos (or other stuff) but only one of the designs will be choosen and paid).
Due to the fact that design contest are speculative work makes the whole subject somewhat controversial and many people (mostly professional logo designers) are against that kind of thing and say that the quality is much lower than hiring a designer directly.

Some examples (also read the comments… some interesting stuff in there)

Now here is also one guy with an interesting comment that agrees that design contests aren’t the best thing but aren’t that bad either in his opinion.

Conclusion: Decide for yourself.