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The Big List Of Free File Hosters

All file hosters on this page (Dropbox,, minus, MediaFire, IndieDB, GameJolt and GameFront) were tested by myself and are recommendable with acceptable download speed. Also no digit code, wait time or other nonsense needed, etc.

My favorites are Dropbox and box. (both offer really good free plans that are completely adfree)

Update: There is also a relatively new service called that hosts your indie game for free.

At the bottom of this page you will also find a list of Online Backup & Storage Sites


Update: Maximum bandwidth limit increased from 10 GB/day to 20 GB/day

Well respected and famous company. Clean design, easy to use, 2 GB of free storage and 20 GB of Bandwidth per day. Moreover no ads and they also allow direct links.

Note: Download of the client isn’t neccessary. Just click login at the upper right corner and create an account. The bandwidth limit is mentioned here.

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Update: Maximum filesize increased from 25 MB to 250 MB.

Used and trusted by many big companies.
Great free plan with nice interface.
Highly recommended.

They have also proper online collaboration features (work together with others on same files simultaneously… for example on a word document)
Moreover you can also embed pdf files that you hav uploaded there directly into your site!
As an example check out my How To Contact Press pdf…

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Update: Maximum filesize decreased from 2 GB to 200 MB.

Relatively new and interesting file hoster with a pretty clean layout and no ads.
Just check out my account to see how it looks in action (I have uploaded a few Games to a folder).
10 GB Storage, 200 MB Filesize and they even allow hotlinking… For example here is the direct link for NeonPlat 2.

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Further Info

  • Features
  • Overview Video
  • Wikipedia Entry
  • Registration Required: No
  • All kinds of files allowed
  • Note: A click on the download button automatically opens a pop-under (a new window with advertisement)


Further Info

  • Wikipedia Entry
  • Registration Required: Yes
  • Only game related files are allowed

Game Front

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  • Wikipedia Entry
  • Registration Required: No
  • Only game related files are allowed


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  • Registration Required: Yes
  • Only game related files are allowed

Table for easy comparison of File Hosters






minus Unlimited 200 MB 10 GB No
Dropbox 10 GB / Day 2 GB 2 GB No
box 10 GB / Month 250 MB 5 GB No
Mediafire Unlimited 200 MB Unlimited Yes (Ads + Pop Up)
Indie DB Unlimited 2.8 GB Unlimited Yes (From Game Front)
Game Front Unlimited 600 MB? Unlimited Yes
Gamejolt Unlimited 100 MB Unlimited Yes

Additional File Hosting Options:

Note that I haven’t tested all of them yet personally but they seem to be good…

Online Backup & Storage Sites

If you want to backup your files you can check out these sites. They all offer free plans (2GB – 10 GB) and the premium accounts normally start from around 5$ / month.
Note that I have only tried Dropbox and box personally yet but the other sites seem to be good as well.

  • Dropbox (2 GB Storage & Filesize)
  • box (5 GB Storage / 100 MB Filesize)
  • SugarSync (5 GB Storage & Filesize)
  • SpiderOak (2 GB Storage & Filesize)
  • Mozy (2 GB Storage & Filesize)
  • Minus (10 GB Storage / 2 GB Filesize)

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