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The Big List of Drawing and Animation

On this list you will find resources about drawing and animation…
moreover in case you are looking for Pixel Art Tutorials consider to check out those on Pixel Artus

Articles & Websites

Video Reference Clips

NOTE: These stock footage sites let you watch and download watermarked preview clips for free.




old school animation…Watch it frame by frame (even trace the drawings) & you’ll learn a lot…

  • Disney (Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, Jungle Book, The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood…)
  • Studio Ghibli (My Neighbour Totoro, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Nausicaä & the Valley of the Wind…)
  • Warner Bros (Looney Tunes: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Road Runner)
  • The Animators Survival Kit DVD’s (Williams’ animation workshop in video form….16 DVD Box Set to the above mentioned book… however it’s not the cheapest at ~1000$…)


NOTE: Most tutorials focus on Maya, but the principles apply to other software as well.

Thanks to Christiaan Moleman for his help to create this list!