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Son of Nor

Son of Nor is an upcoming 3rd person Action Adventure (with a 4 player coop mode) about terraforming, telekinesis and magical spells. Move and throw objects around and pile up sand to create barriers, prepare traps, or bury entire buildings. Moreover by combining different magical elements you can create various spell combinations.

The game is currently also on Greenlight.

Game is still in Development (No Demo available)
  • This game looks very, very, very cool!

    Peter Lubiana

    August 15, 2012

  • Thank you so much, Peter. We appreciate every word of encouragement. A project of this scale is not easy. People wishing us all the best or telling us they like what they see so far keep us going!

    Chris Polus

    August 16, 2012

  • Wizards, terraformable enviroment and spells, my dream game!

    The gameplay must have been terribly hard to fine tune!

    Also, the cel-shaded look of the concept art would be really, really cool to have also in game (Borderlands style) ;)

    I’m definitely looking forward to it, if you need a hand for closed alpha-beta testing from a dire bug-finder, I’m here ;)


    May 14, 2013