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Skullpogo is an awesome single screen platformer where you smash pigs and bats with your pogo stick. There are also randomly appearing powerups that spice the game up a little. If you have collected a specific one you will see a few pictures of pigs and bats in a specific order below the playing field. Lets’s say “pig, pig, bat”. Now you have to bounce on them in that sequence to introduce a nice combo chain. Don’t touch the ground now… try to smash as many pigs and bats while not hitting the ground… Do it quickly and with great precision. Oh, and if the orange colored orb appears ignore it at first. Be patient and hop only on it shortly before your time is running out… This tactic will give you some precious extra seconds which allow you to get a few more points. An overall great game that has that “just one more try” feeling to it. It is simply a masterpiece! A masterpiece i say! Go smash some piggies!

There is also a deluxe Skullpogo version for iPhone available!

Download (2 MB)