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Screenshot Creation

Here are a few ways to capture good looking screenshots effectively:

1. Screenrecorder

Use a Screenrecorder to record an uncompressed gameplay video and then take stills from it with the help of a video editing software or with the snapshot feature of VLC. That way you can easily have spectacular screenshots because it is very likely that you will find dozens of nice stills within the video.

2. Editor

Make screenshots from within your editor… (setup a scene in the editor and make them look great…but of course they should reflect the game and thus they should be possibly achieved by playing the game)

3. Print Key

You can create multiple screenshots by holding the Windows Key down and then pressing the Print key. (The screenshots will be automatically saved in your pictures folder)

Extra Tips:
a) Watermark Screenshots that are not final (especially pre-alpha screenshots…so people see instantly that this is not the final look)

b) Provide final screenshots watermark free (at least consider to offer them without any huge logos/watermarks… or maybe a small logo or just the title/URL on the border with a tiny font)

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