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A few considerations for finding an ideal price for a game:

1.) Comparison with similar games


  • what similar games (from same genre)
  • with similar quality
  • for the intended platform cost

2.) Feedback from players

getting honest feedback from fans, testers and fellow developers to find out what they think is the ideal price for your game.
to verify whether or not the price you think is right for the game (from your research) is also right for your audience.
which price point would be appropriate and right for them…how much would they actually pay for the game?
(would they pay less, same or more than for the current genre kings?)

things to pay attention to when asking for feedback:

  • people need to like the genre (or at least be very familiar with it)
  • answers have to be very honest (thus important to make clear that honest answers don’t hurt feelings or devalue the work
    (so people don’t fear negative responses from the dev… eg. “WHAT??? you think it is only worth 5$????”)
  • the more answers the better (to avoid possible outliers and bias etc.)

3.) Additional Pricing stuff

additional optional pricing considerations:

  • the look of the price (9.99$ vs 10$…)
  • pricing tiers and their thresholds (price for game swaps into next tier… eg 14.99$ vs 15.99$…19.99$ vs 20.99$)
  • various pricing options that guide the buyer in a certain direction (some form of price anchoring).
    (“oh 9.99 for the game… and 11.99 for double pack…and 15.99 for double pack + soundtrack”… examples can be found at Discount Strategies (Volume & Bundle Discount)
  • some also price game initially higher when expecting to make most sales during steam sales. (example would be defender’s quest)

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