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PixelProspector Art Contest

The PixelProspector Art Contest ran from 8th – 28th February and is now officially over. Thanks to all developers for sponsoring games and to everyone who submitted art :)
What is it about?
Create PixelProspector Related Art + Send It Over = Get An Indie Game + Chance To See Your Art Shine In A Nice Little Gallery
Update: Most people have read the rules and that’s cool and I appreciate that :) However some people obviously don’t read the rules so I just put them in this box in the hope that I don’t get swamped anymore with really poor submissions (explained at #2 below) by people who want something for nothing…


  • #1 – The art must be drawn by yourself
  • #2 – The art needs to show at least some effort (you don’t need to be a professional artist but expecting to get a game by sending something that was put together in a few secs (stick figure or the PP Logo just slightly modified with a pixelate filter etc.) is disrespectful to the developers and to the contest. Which means no game in that case.)
  • #3 – The art needs to be related to PixelProspector (which means it has to include the mascot).
What kind of art you are asking? Well that’s completely up to you…
for example the PixelProspector mascot could be hanging out in the arcades, or mining for gold, or exploring a dungeon… steampunk, cyberpunk, stoneage, game mockup?
Anything goes!!

Everyone who participates (and followed the rules!) can choose 1 indie game from the list below…
Boom! :D

List of Games:

(All games are kindly sponsored by their developers. Big thanks!!).

The contest is open for 3 weeks… which means it will end on the 28th February 2013.
The best submissions will be properly added to a little gallery.
So don’t forget to mention your name/nickname and optionally also your website… so people can quickly see who is responsible for the art :)

I’m really looking forward to your drawings!! :)