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Ninjah is a single screen platformer about a little Ninja with a grappling hook and a (jetpack) gun. Swing and shoot through nicely designed levels and reach the target area as fast as possible. If you like some challenging platform fun definitely check this game out. It’s really good!

The developer is currently working on Ninjah 2…

Download (34 MB / Windows and Linux)
Ninjah was originally sold for 3$ but is now available for free. Sidenote: Here is also a video from 2010 where I play a few levels from the same titled prequel.
  • […] Pixel Prospector brings it to our attention that Chris Mingay has made his high speed platformer free to download for Windows and Linux recently. I had a little go, and my oh my, it’s such a lot of fun! Ninjah has the most important thing for a platformer, and that’s good level design and solid mechanics. Each of the 50 levels tasks you with getting the ninja to the exit, sometimes this involves collecting all the coins in the level, most of the time not. […]

  • As always, thank you for taking the time to write about Ninjah :D


    September 19, 2013