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New compilation video…

Finally a new PixelProspector video! :)

This video shows a selection of 55 fresh indie games that…

  • …were all released in 2012/2013* (or are still in development)
  • …are on Steam Greenlight

If you want to help out consider to

It doesn’t take long (few secs per game when you are logged into Steam) and helps the devs. :)

A list with all games can either be found here or on tumblr.
  • [...] this week Project Temporality is a part of Pixel Prospector new video for greenlight (55 indie games in 5 minutes). About greenlight we will soon be in a situation where we will start pushing for it and update it [...]

  • This is why I come to this website. Excellent video!


    May 22, 2013

  • Awesome video! I didn’t know about many of those, thanks :)


    May 25, 2013

  • My game Retrobooster had a little bump in Greenlight votes that coincides with the release of this video, probably because you also made a Greenlight collection out of it. Thanks. Now, can you produce a bump about 100X that size? :)


    June 1, 2013