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NeonPlat is a fantastic single screen platformer with glowing neon graphics and fast paced gameplay. Moving platforms everywhere, ladders everywhere, enemies everywhere… Oh these enemies… Give them a bubble break by hitting them with a bubble ball. (Best to hit them in a row for combo points)
Now see them floating around in that nice bubbly thing. But wait, no time to waste! Pop the bubble and get some precious points.
Ah well, this is some glorious arcade fun at its best.
Frantic. Neon. Fun.

Moreover here’s a fine quote from RetroRemakes member Infamous: “if this game had appeared in the 80’s along side bubble bobble we’d no doubt be seeing countless remakes of it”
And he is right! I say it’s a modern classic! Awesome stuff!

Also try the sequel NeonPlat 2

Download (3 MB)