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List Of Stock Photo Sites

On this page you find 3 commercial stock photo sites that offer professional quality for affordable prices and some free stock photo sites.


Price Table

usual cost for 1 photo:
1-2 credits (1.30$ – 2.60$) = 400x300px (xs)
3-6 credits (3.90$ – 7.80$) = 800x500px (s)

credit system:
1 credit = 1.30$
minimum package = 25 credits (32.50$)


Price Table

usual cost for 1 photo:
1 photo (4$) = 500x500px (s) or 1000×1000 (m)

no credit based system (they offer photo packs)
minimum image pack = 12 photos (50$)
photo pack allows you to download photos in small (500x500px) or medium size (1000x1000px)


Price Table

usual cost for 1 photo:
1 credit (1$) = 400x300px (xs)
2 credits (2$) = 800x500px (s)

credit system:
1 credit = 1$
minimum package = 5 credits (5$)

depositphotos and iStockphoto seem also to be decent.


If you should need many photos you can purchase a 1-month subscription which allows you to download 25 images per day (=750 a month) for one flat fixed price (100$-250$ depending on the site).
However chances are high that you don’t need 750 photos.
Therefore browse around the site and look if they offer enough photos to make that subscription worthwhile.
Then do the math. Maybe 50 photos would be cheaper via a 1-month-subscription than purchasing them one by one.

100$ = Stockfresh
200$ = Shutterstock
250$ = Fotolia

Free Stock Photo Sites?

Here are a few sites that offer free photos of relatively good quality:

Another site called FreeDigitalPhotos seems to be legit as well. The site sells its photos but offers also all of them in small resolution for free (with attribution required).

You can also find some on flickr (but be sure to enable the CC box on the advanced search page)

Great stuff can also be found on deviantART (however I couldn’t find any info about the licensing terms)