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Hydorah is an awesome and faithful loveletter to the horiztonal shooter genre.
The amount of polish, details and love putted into this game is just astounding. This is definitely some game of the year material right here!
If it would have been released in the 90s it surely would have been a big hit.
Without a doubt one of the most polished freeware games ever… (with fantasitc music from Gryzor87)
Now do yourself a favour and download this gem to breathe some classic shoot em up air!
I’ve also recorded a video so you can see how the first 10 minutes of the game look like.

The developer Locomalito about the game: “Hydorah is a game designed for classic shoot em up players, who still love clean designs and challenging adventures”

Download (82 MB)
Here is the changelog of version 1.1 (which was released in December 2012):

  • Better display
  • Much better color balancing (now you can actually see the background)
  • A few configuration options for joystick buttons and display
  • Fixed some problems with the scoring system (to avoid score milking)
  • 5 saves to start (instead of 3)
  • And a bunch of small fixes and changes
  • I just don’t belive, but after break lasted more than 1 year, I sit and managed to earn a 1cc (one credit clear). It took me only a few days to refresh my memory, complete the game, and at last do a 1cc in my third try. It’s so amazing!
    If you interested in video files you’re welcome on my WP blog (60 FPS ver.) or YT channel (30 FPS ver.). Name’s 1ccshmup.


    July 19, 2012

  • Surely this is, hands down, the best freeware shmup ever made.
    It shines with obsession and perfectly defines what a love letter game can express. Its generosity blows my mind.
    Big hug to you Locomalito!

    Elie Jamaa

    December 12, 2012

  • I agree with you. The author loves, made research and have experience about the videogame history. He made lovely games, and Hytorah is the most huge game he currently made.

    I’m waiting his Ghost and Goblins remake, it’s still in development but you can appreciate the first level with a chip-realistic music ! That’s gorgeous !

    I don’t write often here, but I follow your news about indie games and others, and I really love your sharing ! Thank you ! You’re also awesome. :-)


    December 14, 2012