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How to Create Your Website In 6 Steps

After running PixelProspector for 3 years now I thought it would be a good idea to create a structured website creation tutorial for you.

It’s not very complicated. You need 3 things: a domain, hosting and design.

I hope everything is easy to understand.
However in case you should still have questions either ask me via mail or in the comments section.

1. Purchase Domain Name

First you need a domain name like

2. Get Web Hosting

Second you need a hosting provider that hosts your site so people can visit it.

3. Connect Domain to Hosting

Third you have to connect your domain with your host so when people type in they will land on your site that is hosted by the hosting provider.

4. Install WordPress

Fourth you have to decide how you will manage your website. I recommend to use WordPress as the Content Management System (CMS) but you can also use another CMS or use no CMS at all.

5. Choose a Professional Theme

Fifth in order that your website looks professional either choose a professional theme for WordPress or hire a web designer.

6. Setup the Basics

Sixth you need to take care of some WordPress specific stuff like General Settings, Security, Plugins, Customization…