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How To Contact Press (And Increase Chances To Get Press Coverage)

Note: This guide is from 2012 and while the basics are still the same a few things changed in the last few years. Therefore a new completely updated version of this guide is in the works and will probably be released together with the big site update in Q4/2018. (In 2016 I’ve created a little flowchart that shows what happens when press/youtubers receive a mail from a game developer)

Here are some of the most important things that this guide covers:

  • Have a newsworthy game
  • contact only relevant sites (sending an iOS game to a PC only site or a beat em up to a site that focuses on adventure games is not a good idea)
  • have a descriptive subject line (that tells the editor instantly what the game is about…)
  • provide the essential basics (short description of game and links to: screenshots, trailer, demo/full version, website…)
Download the guide (32 pages / 1 MB)
The indie game site Game Sphere wrote also a french version of this guide. It is not a 1:1 translation but rather an adapted version that even extends certain aspects of the guide. Good work!