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How To Contact Press (And Increase Chances To Get Press Coverage)

Note: A new updated version 2.0 of this guide is in the works and will be released probably in September 2014 someday in 2015.

Here are some of the most important things that this guide covers:

  • Have a newsworthy game
  • contact only relevant sites (sending an iOS game to a PC only site or a beat em up to a site that focuses on adventure games is not a good idea)
  • have a descriptive subject line (that tells the editor instantly what the game is about…)
  • provide the essential basics (short description of game and links to: screenshots, trailer, demo/full version, website…)
Download the guide (32 pages / 1 MB) or scroll down to read the embedded pdf version.
The indie game site Game Sphere wrote also a french version of this guide. It is not a 1:1 translation but rather an adapted version that even extends certain aspects of the guide. Good work!

Table Of Contents

1. Understanding – Observations of the recipient

  • 1.1 Understanding the editor
  • 1.2 What happens when an editor receives a mail
  • 1.3 The Press Kit

2. Writing – How to contact

  • 2.1 The Preparation – Essential things to consider before writing mail
  • 2.2 The Form – Essential things to consider when writing a mail
  • 2.3 The Content – Essential things to consider when writing a mail
  • 2.4 Putting it together – Example mail

3. Sending – Whom to contact

  • 3.1 Gaming Sites
  • 3.2 YouTubers
  • 3.3 Retro Sites
  • 3.4 Non Gaming Sites
  • 3.5 Game Dev Sites
  • 3.6 Compos / Festivals
  • 3.7 Press Release Sites
  • 3.8 Print Magazines
  • 3.9 TV

4. Reflecting – Post Sending Phase

  • 4.1 What to do after you have sent your mail
  • 4.2 What to do when your game gets featured
  • 4.3 Possible reasons why your game wasn’t featured
  • 4.4 Writing a follow up mail

5. Recommended Further Reading