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How To Contact Press (And Increase Chances To Get Press Coverage)

Note: A new updated version 2.0 of this guide is in the works and will be released in September 2014.

Here are some of the most important things that this guide covers:

  • Have a newsworthy game
  • contact only relevant sites (sending an iOS game to a PC only site or a beat em up to a site that focuses on adventure games is not a good idea)
  • have a descriptive subject line (that tells the editor instantly what the game is about…)
  • provide the essential basics (short description of game and links to: screenshots, trailer, demo/full version, website…)
Download the guide (32 pages / 1 MB) or scroll down to read the embedded pdf version.
The indie game site Game Sphere wrote also a french version of this guide. It is not a 1:1 translation but rather an adapted version that even extends certain aspects of the guide. Good work!

Table Of Contents

1. Understanding – Observations of the recipient

  • 1.1 Understanding the editor
  • 1.2 What happens when an editor receives a mail
  • 1.3 The Press Kit

2. Writing – How to contact

  • 2.1 The Preparation – Essential things to consider before writing mail
  • 2.2 The Form – Essential things to consider when writing a mail
  • 2.3 The Content – Essential things to consider when writing a mail
  • 2.4 Putting it together – Example mail

3. Sending – Whom to contact

  • 3.1 Gaming Sites
  • 3.2 YouTubers
  • 3.3 Retro Sites
  • 3.4 Non Gaming Sites
  • 3.5 Game Dev Sites
  • 3.6 Compos / Festivals
  • 3.7 Press Release Sites
  • 3.8 Print Magazines
  • 3.9 TV

4. Reflecting – Post Sending Phase

  • 4.1 What to do after you have sent your mail
  • 4.2 What to do when your game gets featured
  • 4.3 Possible reasons why your game wasn’t featured
  • 4.4 Writing a follow up mail

5. Recommended Further Reading