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How To Connect Your Domain Name To Your Hosting Provider

This article is part of a tutorial series called How To Create Your Website In 6 Steps

If you have purchased a domain name from a domain registrar you need to point your domain name to where your hosting is. That way people land on your site when they enter your URL.

You basically need to do only 2 steps.

1. Find out which name servers your hosting provider is using

Normally you get this information in your welcome email after you have signed up with your hosting provider. If not simply go to the FAQ / Support section of your hosting provider and search for nameservers. In case you are using cPanel simply scroll down to “Account Information” to see the name server adresses.
Alternatively just ask the support team via mail about nameservers.

Usually the name servers look like this:


2. Enter the name servers info into your domain name registrar account

Log in to your domain registrar and go to the page where you can enter/modify your domain names. (Usually “Manage Domains” “Domain Manager” “DNS” or something similar)

Now simply put your name servers that you have found a few minutes ago into the appropriate fields like so:

  • into the first field and
  • into the second field

Note: Don’t worry if your hosting provider should offer you 3 or more name servers… This is normal. Just put them also in the appropriate fields. However your website will work just fine with 2. These additional name servers exist to provide a bit of redundancy so that your site still works even though one server should go down.

3. That’s it

Now you have just to wait a bit until the name is resolved across the whole world. This process takes usually a few hours but can also take 1-2 days. Moreover this little article explains the domain name – web hosting relationship with a phone book analogy.