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Enough Plumbers

Enough Plumbers is a hilarious single screen puzzle platformer where you navigate multiple clones of mario throughout obstacle filled levels. Each time you collect a coin a new plumber is born. Coins bear plumbers so to speak. Since the levels contain dozens of coins you will shortly become the master of a legion of plumbers. Now it’s your mission to reach the goal flag with your army of clones but note that it is oftentimes unavoidable (and also necessary) to let some instances of mario die in order to beat a level. You cannot save all, some have to pass away for the greater good of the mission. However some levels do not accept to be lavish with the clones because they require the weight of a certain amount of plumbers to push down a button that opens a door. In this case you have to portion your plumbers carefully. Until you will face the final boss at the end of your 25 level journey you will also collect some powerups that will transform you into balloon mario, metal mario or fire mario in order to solve specific puzzles.

The levels are extremely well designed and so is the gameplay. This game made me smile during the whole time i played it and it will probably give you a good time as well.
“It’se me…Mamma Mia…Yeah!…Wahoo!” Awesome fun!

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I have also recorded a complete walkthrough that shows all 25 levels in 15 minutes.