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Droid Assault

Droid Assault is a fast paced shooter that is inspired by the classic Paradroid.
Your mission is to destroy all robots in each level to progress to the next stage… However don’t kill all robots immediately because you cannot win the war without proper support. You need an army of robots! (the game offers 48 different ones)
So…in order to build that robotic army you have to use the convincing power of your laser beam to convert foes into friends. After that process you can control your newly acquired soldiers instantly and switch between them easily with the push of a button…
Build army, collect powerups, shoot robots. Awesome fun!

Download (10$ / Free Demo available)
The game is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
If you want to see it in action consider to check out this video that shows 15 minutes of unedited gameplay footage.

An overall fantastic game that every shooter veteran should check out. Highly recommended!