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Discount Strategies

List of usual Discount Strategies for games…

Pre-Order Discount

(rewarding the early supporters)

most big AAA games that get released on Steam

Early Access Discount

(rewarding the early supporters)

due to many suboptimal early access games the term early access became bit of a mixed bag.

however here are 2 good early access examples:
Mercenary Kings
Assault Android Cactus

Launch Discount

(rewarding early buyers)

pretty much all games that launch on Steam

Volume Discount

(rewarding those who buy multiple copies for friends)

Awesomenauts (3 pack)

Left 4 Dead 2 (4 pack)

Magicka (4 pack)

Castle Crashers (4 pack)

Battleblock Theater (2 pack)

Frozen Synapse (2 pack)

ibb & obb (2 pack)

Loyalty Discount

(loyal customers that have bought older games get rewarded)


Oldie Discount

(price gets reduced when game has reached certain age (usually when older than 1-2 years) and/or when new game from dev gets released…
this practice is much more often used for AAA games than for indie games though.)

Half-Life 2

Bundle Discount

(multiple games can be sold together for a reduced price in own bundle…
moreover multiple extras like proper DLC and soundtrack for reduced price)


Left 4 Dead + Left 4 Dead 2 (2 games)

Half-Life Complete (Half-Life series + DLC)

Valve Complete Pack (entire Valve catalogue)

Battleblock Theater + Castle Crashers (2 games)

Super Time Force Ultra (1 game + soundtrack)

Gratutious Space Battles + Gratutious Tank Battles (2 games)

Gratutious Space Battles Complete Pack (1 game + DLC)

Humble Bundle

(game gets sold with various other indie games (around 6-10) in a humble bundle.)

Big Seasonal Steam Sales

game gets sold on Steam for a deep discount during a big sale event and can get lots of eyeballs when featured and promoted on frontpage (which might potentially lead to many sales.)

Other Special Discounts

(special seasons, anniversary, reducing older games temporarily to promote release of new game etc….)