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Contents & Examples Of Press Kits

Note that having a press kit is not vital/essential to get press coverage…
Think about it: An editor is interested in your game and wants to write about it…
As long as the editor can find all the needed material (screenshots, videos, additional info) quickly there is no real need for an official “press kit”.

However it is useful to have one because it makes the life easier for editors as also mentioned in this article that explains why press kits are good.

You can either
a) create an extra page that offers all the below mentioned ingredients of a press kit
b) or download the free presskit() by Rami Ismail of Vlambeer to create a standardized press page.

A. Content of Press Kits

1. Screenshots / Images

– High Resolution Screenshots

– Optional: Logos, Key Artwork, Concept Art

2. Videos

Trailer / Gameplay Video (on YouTube)

– Trailer / Gameplay Video (to Download. this is optional)


3. Game Info Fact Sheet

– Game Description

– Key Features in bullet point form

– Release Date

– Platforms

– Price

– Contact Info (Name, Mail, Twitter, Facebook…)

– Company Bio

4. Press Coverage

– Quotes of Reviews & Interviews (with Links to sources)

B. Examples of Press Kits

…with selfmade presskit page (from game developers)

…with ()presskit (from game developers)

….with selfmade presskit page (from software companies)