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Contents & Examples Of Press Kits

Note that having a press kit is not vital/essential to get press coverage…
Think about it: An editor is interested in your game and wants to write about it…
now he visits your website and finds all the necessary stuff (screenshots, videos, additional info) with ease.
As long as your website provides the needed material there is no real need for an official “press kit”.

However it is useful to have one because it makes the life easier for editors.
Simply use the awesome and free presskit() by Rami Ismail of Vlambeer to create a nice looking press page with ease.
There is also a Gamsutra article about why presskits are good.

If you don’t want to use presskit() consider to have an extra page on your website that offers the below mentioned ingredients of a “press kit”.

Contents Of Press Kit

Screenshots / Images

  • High Resolution Screens (Show them off in a gallery so they can be downloaded individually and offer them also all in a zipped pack)
  • Optional: Logos & Concepts or Artwork
  • Note: Don’t add any watermarks. It’s simply annoying and also not favored by editors.


  • Trailer & Gameplay Videos (YouTube)
  • Optional: Offer High Resolution versions for downloading (However this is not essential because 99% will use YouTube videos anyway)

Press Coverage

  • Links to Reviews & Interviews

Game Info Fact Sheet

  • Game description
  • Key features in bullet point form
  • Release Date
  • Platforms
  • Price
  • Contact Info (Name, Mail, Skype, Twitter, Facebook)
  • Company Bio (optional)

Example of Press Kits (Games)

Here are some presskits that were made with presskit()

Here are some presskits that were made without presskit()

Example of Press Kits (Companies)