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Construct 2

Construct 2
Construct 2 Interface
Construct 2 (Interface)

Showcase of more games that were created with Construct 2

“No Programming Required!
You can now make advanced games without writing a line of code. Construct 2 does the hard work so you don’t have to.
Our highly intuitive event system makes putting your games together quick and easy.
You’ve finally found it. The powerful, full featured and professional game development software you’ve always been looking for.”

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Name Construct 2
Company Scirra
Release of Construct Classic 2007
Release of Construct 2 2011
Free Version available? Yes
Price (Standard) Free
Price (Pro) 140$
Available for Platform Windows
Export to: Desktop Windows / Mac / Linux
Export to: Mobile iOS / Android / WP8 / BB / Tizen
Export to: Consoles Wii U
Export to: Web All Browsers (HTML5)
Programming Knowledge Required? No
Programming Languages None
Games? 2D games
Community Size Big (1.3 Million Downloads… 72.000 Forum Members)
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