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Some announcements…


Greetings! :)
I just wanted to announce some of the projects that I want to launch this year:

  • Redesign of “Make Games”
  • Due to the fact that Make Games is so well received I want to improve it a bit…

  • Freelancer Site
  • A site about freelancers that are specialized in video games.

  • Game Reporter Site
  • A site that shows profiles of Game Journalists and YouTubers (including their genre preferences and contact info…).

  • A new compilation video.
  • A new video compilation is in the works as well…
    This time it’s again about free indie games…

    Oh and PixelProspector just turned 4! (on 31th July) :D

    A few months ago I have also decided that all comments have to be approved before they go live… Simply due to the fact of massive spam (~1500 spam comments per day) and the inaccurarcy of the spam filter that let’s dozens of obvious and not so obvious spam through. Might turn it off altogether at some point because it’s not very nice to sift through spam comments.(Anyway…in case you have posted a legitimate comment and it doesn’t show up consider to contact me so I can approve it).