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Humble Indie Bundle 3

The Humble Indie Bundle 3 includes these 6 Indie Games:

  • Crayon Physics Deluxe (Physics Based 2D Drawing/Puzzle/Sandbox Game)
  • Cogs (3D Puzzler)
  • VVVVVV (Platformer)
  • Hammerfight (Physics Based Action Game)
  • And Yet It Moves (Platformer)
  • Steel Storm (Top Down Shooter)

…and if you pay more than the average price of ~5$ you will also get these 5 Indie Games from the Humble Indie Bundle 2:

  • Braid (Platformer)
  • Cortex Command (Platform Shooter)
  • Machinarium (Adventure)
  • Osmos (Ambient Game)
  • Revenge Of The Titans (Real Time Strategy/Tower Defense Mix)
Conclusion: Highly Recommended!