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Humans Must Answer


Humans Must Answer is a really promising horizontal shmup with fine visuals and fun looking gameplay that features a nice selection of weapons: lightning gun, machine gun, shotgun, canons and the support weapons… Consider to watch the devlog video that explains the various weapons and then try out the demo.

Game is still in development (Free Demo available)
The game is made by a team of ex-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. developers and is currently on Steam Greenlight



Backspace is an upcoming futuristic top down shooter with really nice visuals…
The game looks pretty promising!

Backspace is an arcade adventure set in a virtual world filled with action, exploration, and plenty of secrets!

Key features:

  • Use detachable pods to blast through walls and devastate a rich variety of enemies.
  • Carry a mixture of cargo to solve puzzles and powerups for compound combat effects.
  • Explore a spherical environment, using teleports to move between multiple layers.
Coming soon