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Blogging Ideas for Game Developers

1. Game Related Updates

(mostly for people who are interested in your game)

Text: Progress of game…
Pictures: Screenshots, GIFs, Concept Art…
Video: Gameplay Video, Trailer, Walkthrough, Devlog, Live Coding (…
Playable: Demo/Alpha/Beta Version…

2. Game Design & Business Stuff

(mostly for other devs that are interested in game development and business…they might also be interested in your game of course)

Game Design (level design, character design etc.)

Indie Business (Marketing efforts, Postmortem of own game, Sales figures, Advertising experiences, Business stuff, Game Event Reports, blog statistics, “Things that I have learned…”)

How To’s / Tutorials (Unity/GameMaker/Unreal Engine Tutorial, How To implement x in genre y…)

Blog Carnival (announcing topic and asking other bloggers to contribute to the carnival by writing an article about it in the next 4 weeks (or more) . All blog posts will be listed on a roundup post by you as the host. Can generate lots of new articles and insights…)

3. Recommended Stuff

Recommended Tools/Sites/Articles (writing quick paragraph or longer review about them)

Game Recommendations (writing quick paragraph or longer review about games that you recommend)

4. Interesting Blogs by Game Developers

Derek Yu’s Make Games Blog

Cliffski’s Blog

Lars Doucet


Rat King Entertainment


The Astronauts

Aurelien Regard

Seaven Studio

Tribute Games


Team Meat


Joost’s Dev Blog

More Game Developer Blogs (will list a few articles from their blogs later)

5. General Considerations

a. Design
proper theme as the foundation.
something nice can be achieved by choosing a clean theme and customizing it with nice header image, logo, icons, background…

Blogging Software & Themes (PixelProspector)

b. Navigation
easy and well thought out navigation so people can actually find older articles easily.
can be achieved via categories, tags and an index page where people can find all the articles

c. Formatting
good formatting (font sizes, headings, bullet points, white space…) makes stuff visually appealing and more easily digestible.

d. Pictures
illustrations, diagrams, screenshots, photos…
When the eyes go through the text and there is a nice picture in the line of view it makes the reading experience much nicer. (and more enticing to share an article with others)

The Web is Your Oyster: Where to Find Free-to-Use Images (WordPress)

5. Further Reading

Blog (Wikipedia)
Grow Your Traffic, Build Your Blog (Free E-Book by WordPress)
Blogging University (by WordPress)