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Hi there everyone!
Since the last big site update was in 2014 it means that quite a lot of stuff on is somewhat outdated now in 2018… and therefore some proper update is needed. In order to get the site back into shape there are 3 main areas that will be tackled:

1. Content Update:

All the old outdated articles/lists will be updated and some relevant new articles will be added.

2. Design Update:

The information architecture of the site will be improved. That way the site will be more accessible and easier to navigate. Additionally some new illustrations and design elements will be added as well.

3. Technical Update:

The plan is to migrate (which is a selfhosted WordPress site) to a static site. Mainly due to 3 reasons: performance, security and cost. A static site is much faster and much more secure than a WordPress site… and since it requires much less resources the hosting bill is also noticeable smaller.

Once the update is finished (probably around Q4/2018-Q1/2019) I will write a follow up post with some more details (including a changelog)

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