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PixelProspector offers info about game development related stuff and video games since 2009.
The site is non commercial (there are no ads, no affiliate links or any other sources of income).

The PixelProspector can be contacted via this mail adress.

Other PixelProspector sideprojects

Currently working on:

  • Relaunch (content, structure, design. Q1/2019-Q2/2019)
  • Book about the Video Games Industry (Q2/2019)

Currently on hold:

  • Platformer Genre Project (history, origins, details about the platformer genre and its +30 subgenres. it will also include +50 interviews with game developers. TBA 2019)
  • Pump ‘n Jump (working title… a precision based chaotic arcade platformer. TBA 2019)

Who made the Illustrations that appear on PixelProspector?