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93 Free Arena Shooters In 10 Minutes

This Video showcases 6 sec clips of 93 enjoyable Arena Shooters that all happen to be free.
Lean back, enjoy the show and then have a good time by checking them out afterwards.
Either pause the video by yourself and then search the game of interest in the list below or click the name of the game at the bottom of the video.

Music used in the Video

All Games In Chronological Order

00:18 Alien Deathmatch 2
00:24 Grid Shock
00:32 Debrysis
00:38 Generic Arena Shmup
00:44 Return to Sector 9
00:50 Protozoa
00:56 drone
01:02 Echoes
01:08 Gridwars
01:14 Annihilation
01:20 Grid Assault
01:26 VECK
01:32 Grid Defender 2
01:38 Torque
01:44 Rainbow Wars
01:50 Globot Wars
01:56 UniTron (HP)
02:02 Horizontal Shooter Redux
02:08 Vibrant
02:14 Epsilon
02:20 Area 2048 (PP Video)
02:26 Synchro
02:32 SYNSO 2: Squid Harder
02:38 SYNSO: Championship Edition
02:44 troid
02:50 Earth Is A 3D Planet (PP Video)
02:56 Debris (PP Video)
03:02 Gate 88 (PP Video)
03:08 Fraxy
03:14 Kobo Deluxe
03:20 Karnn Age
03:26 Knight of the Living Dead
03:32 NaaC
03:38 Survival Crisis Z
03:44 Mechatron: 2154
03:50 Robotron Blitz
03:56 Robotz DX
04:02 Shoot First
04:08 Let’s Shooting Love (PP Video)
04:14 Mono
04:20 Pteroglider
04:27 Tower Bombarde
04:33 Ray-Hound
04:39 AetherBeats (PP Video)
04:45 Microbe2
04:51 Tank Domination
04:57 The Ultra Mission (PP Video)
05:03 Robotron 2084 – Remake (PP Video)
05:09 Steel Storm (PP Video)
05:15 Sim War 5
05:21 SUAVE
05:27 Paperblast (PP Video)
05:33 Blambler (PP Video)
05:39 Mr. Kittys Quest
05:45 Ancient Ants Adventure
05:51 Alien Breed Obliteration
05:57 Theseus
06:03 Pumpkin Patch (PP Video)
06:09 Engage To Jabberwock (PP Video)
06:15 Granny And Snowmen
06:21 Destruction Carnival 2.0
06:27 Gamma Bros
06:33 Cottage Of Doom
06:39 Minebot Arena (PP Video)
06:45 Nanosmiles
06:51 Winged Gear (PP Video)
06:57 Membrane Massacre (PP Video)
07:03 Zombie Movie
07:09 Forward Always Forward
07:15 lockon
07:28 Retrowars (HP)
07:34 Subvein (HP)
07:40 Chaotic Vortex (HP)
07:46 Choke On My Groundhog, You Bastard Robots
07:52 Ten Second War
07:58 Trapped In Time
08:04 Gyro-PhyterNeo
08:10 Cybersolip
08:16 Metroid Coven
08:22 Coloroid
08:28 Radial Plus (HP)
08:34 Super Funk 1000 (HP)
08:40 DarkVerse
08:46 Dungeon Smashers (HP)
08:52 Madhouse
08:58 Zombpocalypse
09:04 Gore Hounds
09:10 Sinister Corridors (HP)
09:16 Gaiadi (HP)
09:22 Ranger
09:28 Mage Blasta
09:34 Data Jack
09:40 Bitfighter (HP)

What does “PP Video” and “HP” mean?

  • “PP Video” means that i haven’t written a review for these games yet and therefore there is currently no related PixelProspector page for them. Alternatively you can find the download link in the description field of the video.
  • “HP” means Homepage. In this case you will be directly linked to the Homepage of the developer because the game isn’t featured on PP yet.

I’m aware of the fact that not all shown games are pure arena shooters… but all shown games are multidirectional shooters / top down shooters and share essential similarities.

More Arena Shooters?

If you are interested in more similar styled games I recommend to check out this massive list of multidirectional shooters (kudos to neist for creating this reference with hundreds of games).

Moreover while all the games in the video are completely free I also recommend to check out some of the commercial arena shooters I have listed below (Nearly all of them offer free demos… Check them out and and if you should enjoy them consider to support the devs by buying a copy)

Recommended Commercial Arena Shooters for PC
Bullet Candy Perfect
Droid Assault
Everyday Shooter
Geometry Wars
Gridrunner Revolution
Larva Mortus
Mutant Storm