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3rd Anniversary of PixelProspector!

Well well…PixelProspector just turned 3 today!
To celebrate the 3rd anniversary of PixelProspector I have created a new video called 44 Free Indie Games In 4 Minutes (Multiplayer Edition). Enjoy!

Since I started the site in 2009 I met lots of great people and learned quite a bit about many things.
Here goes out a BIG THANKS to all the developers who create great games and to all PP visitors for checking out the games and spreading the word about them and the indie resources.
Thank you for all the support and feedback over the years. :)

Update: Gabe of J-OMG wrote a nice retrospective about PixelProspector.


I originally planned to release the Marketing Guide For Indie Devs today… but I am not satisfied with it contentwise and thus I have to rework and restructre some areas of the guide.
I really want to release it asap but it just takes much longer than expected.
Sorry to delay it once again but it will definitely be worth the wait.

However to shorten the wait time and give you a little preview of the guide I will release the “How To Contact Press” chapter later this week.
Moreover here are some of the illustrations for the guide by Dom2D.