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Intake is a fast paced adrenaline pumping arcade shooter about shooting pills that rain from the sky. Shoot the pills, score massive combo chains, unlock powerups…
An overall truly fantastic arcade experience!
Frantic. Intense. Mesmerizing. Brilliant!
Just what the doctor ordered.

“Intake is the new retro-futuristic drugstep arcade shooter from Cipher Prime. In this polychromatic love child of Dr. Mario and Ikaruga, you battle a never-ending barrage of pills, pushing your skill and reflexes to the limit to avoid a lethal dosage. Blast and combo your way through an epic cascade of audiovisual mayhem so intoxicating it comes with its own warning label.”

Poöf vs The Cursed Kitty


Poöf is a mashup between Mario Bros. Classic, Super Crate Box and Orcs Must Die.
The result is a fantastic arcade platformer with hectic and fast paced gameplay.
Basically you play a dog that drops golden poo and kills incoming monsters to defend his Kitty (which lays powerful golden eggs that kill all enemies when you collect it)…
Sounds strange? :D
Consider to check out the gameplay video that I’ve recorded and the official trailer to get an idea about the gameplay. ;)

Also consider to follow Aurelien Regard and his Game Making Blog. He is the designer behind Poöf and is currently working on a new game…
“Maybe you wonder why the game is called “Poöf”. Well, you can cancel any bonus item of the game, at any moment, and change it for a cute, slowing enemies, golden poo. So, woof, poo… Oh come on, it’s super difficult to find a game name, you know that right?” (Aurelien Regard)