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PixelProspector’s Greenlight Picks (The Video)

So in this little 2 minute video you will see 19 interesting games that are currently on Steam Greenlight.

Games in order of appearance with time stamps:

0:05 Toki Remake

0:07 Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

0:13 Rawbots

0:27 Syder Arcade

0:41 Flowstorm

0:47 qrth-phyl

0:56 Armillo

0:57 Compromised

1:03 Crimsonland

1:04 Pixel Boy

1:11 Death Ray Manta

1:16 T.E.C. 3001

1:18 Gas Guzzlers

1:29 Heaven Variant

1:36 Orbitor

1:47 Slingshot Racing

1:53 Fly’n

1:56 Aqua Kitty

2:04 Orc Attack

a) Big thanks goes to Machinae Supremacy for giving me permission to use their track “Missiles Of Metal” for this video.

b) Consider also to check out this ongoing article series about Greenlight on RPS

c) You can find alll the games also on my Greenlight Collection List on Steam.

d) In case you are wondering why some games aren’t in it: The video shows only games that aren’t greenlit yet. Moreover not all of the +70 games that are on my Greenlight Picks site fit into 2 minutes.

e) Maybe I will create another Greenlight video someday (but editing takes a fair bit of time…so this might take a while)

When does a game get greenlit?

Well…there are probably many factors but I think those games get greeenlit that have the most votes (obviously) and I think Steam takes also into account how many times a game gets favorited and appears in a collection…

Humble Indie Bundle 6

The Humble Indie Bundle 6 includes these 5 Indie Games:

  • Rochard (Platformer)
  • Shatter (Breakout)
  • Space Pirates And Zombies (Top Down Shooter)
  • Torchlight (Action RPG)
  • Vessel (Platformer)

…plus soundtracks to all games and if you pay more than the average price of ~6$ you will also get these 5 Indie Games as well:

  • Dustforce (Platformer)
  • BIT.TRIP.RUNNER (Platformer)
  • Gratuitous Space Battles (Space Strategy)
  • Jamestown (Vertical Shmup)
  • Wizorb (Breakout)