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5th Anniversary of PixelProspector

Illustration by Sagittarius

Hi everyone,

today marks the 5th anniversary of PixelProspector! :)
To celebrate it I decided to restructure, redesign, update the site…

There is a new Indie Resources overview page now!!

Note that the update is not completed yet (however I think until the end of August 2014 it will be all sorted out…
also the Marketing Guide for Game Developers (which is way too long in development already) is finally almost done (90%) and thus will definitely be released by the end of August… (it will be released no matter what… even when it should not be finished until then…costs some good amount of mental RAM… gotta release it finally)

Further Updates:

1. MakeGames and the PixelProspector Tumblr will also be relaunched in the next few days and also somewhat regularly updated with new games.

2. In the top navigation you can now find PixelArtus and VideoGameCaster

3. A few weeks ago I decided to disable the comments due to insane amount of spam and not properly working spam filter. Was thinking about a little forum or subreddit for discussion…. however I’m not sure about that.

Redesign Glitches:
The boxes that are shown in some articles and for every game on PixelProspector look currently extremely ugly (they decided to convert from transparent/gray to blue… and the arrow icons are also gone.
Just that you know that this is definitely not a strange design decision… it’s a glitch ;)
It will be sorted out also… but it might take a while since it is possible that I have to do it manually. (I hope not)

I have probably forgotten something…and thus will update this post later again… however the redesign took way too long today. A little bit very tired…going… offline for a bit